Welland Canal Parklands Walking Tour - Lock 11 to Glenridge Ave.

Duration: 20 minutes Difficulty: Easy: Simple trail with some climbs

This is a very small section with a single path you can take on the east side of the locks. The west side of the locks are in a restricted area and fenced off. To use the guide simply click on the map to jump to a short description and picture of each item.

Local Area Shot 1921: Taken from the air in 1921 boats can be seen using both lock 11 and lock 12. Today the area is flooded with water from the current canal, but you can still see many similarities between the photo and the locks today. (Photo: Brock Map Library)
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Lock 12: This is a great shot of Lock 12 taken from the recommended parking area for this section. Lock 12 is flooded with water from the present canal in addition to water flowing down the Third Welland Canal. If you look closely you can see that part of the lock has crumble in at the far end. A large boat can also be seen traveling up the present canal in the background.
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Lock 12 - Inner Chamber: You can get a better look at the lock chamber from the top ledge of the lock. This lock is heavily overgrown but several open areas allow observation.
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Lock 12 - The Far End: Unlike locks from the Second Canal, the Third Canal has deteriorated considerably. Here at the far end it looks like someone once repaired the lock with mixed stones. On the far side a major collapse of the wall occurred much more recently.
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Lock 11 & Weir: Far away in the distance Lock 11 can be seen. The lock is mostly flooded by the lake. A weir from the canal can also be seen on the left side of the picture.
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Lock 11 - Close Up: Another shot of lock 11. For some reason the lock has a concrete dam at this end.
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Lock 11 - The Other End: I can't recommend walking all the way around to see lock 11 from Dor Rd. Here's a shot to take a look at.
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Weir #2: Another shot taken from Do'r Rd. The water retention facility is actually built inside the remains of one of the weir ponds. Behind the wall water collects partially as effluent from the GM plant nearby and is monitored for quality purposes.
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