North St Catharines Walking Tour, Vine St. to Grantham Ave:

Duration: 10 minutes Difficulty: Easy

Most of the route is virtually invisible until you get past Welland Ave. Click on the map to jump to a description and picture for each item.

Plymouth Avenue Park: Between Vine St. and Grantham Ave. another greenway exists that runs for 500 meters over where the old canal once ran. For some reason developers refused to build on the canal area. Here the start of the greenway exists between two houses
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Plymouth Avenue Park II: The Greenway continues. Here it runs behind people's backyards. Approximately 30 feet across.
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Plymouth Avenue Park III: At the end of the greenway the park opens up into a much larger park. On the right side of the picture you can make out a large Factory Building. For a long time the factory was owned by Foster Wheeler but has been sold more recently to TriEnergy.

The building can be seen in the picture below taken in 1921

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Factory on the Third Canal: Pictured above the Factory complex at right was built beside the Third Welland Canal and is one of the few to survive.
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