North St Catharines Walking Tour, Geneva St. to Vine St:

Duration: 10 minutes Difficulty: Easy

Today the area between Geneva and Vine St. is exclusively a greenway. Click on the map to jump to a description and picture for each item.

Lancaster Park:
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Lancaster ParkII:
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Lock 7- 1921:A boat is shown just about to leave lock 7 of the Third Welland Canal. Carlton St. didn't cross the canal but can be seen on either side of canal.
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Lock 7 - Today: When you follow the third canal past Carleton St. you suddenly meet up with another open field. It's not a park or have any trails or identification. It's about 75 feet across and continues for the next 400 meters where the 3rd Welland Canal once ran..
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Niagara St. Bridge: One of the more prominent bridges on the canal. Niagara St. is seen here crossing the Third Welland Canal. One place where development did cross over to the north side of the canal. Facer St is visible on the right side of the photo.
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